About Us - History

WC Challenger Charities is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded in 2004 in order to promote the inaugural JW Hart PBR Challenge in Decatur, TX.
WCCC was originally founded by four local businessmen, Roy Young, Andrew Rottner, Wendell Berry and Calvin Jackson. The event was being brought to Decatur and Wise County with the intent of putting on a showcase event for the county while raising much needed funds for local civic and charitable organizations.

The first event was an instant success with over 6,000 people in attendance.
Although the JW Hart PBR Challenge is a PBR Touring Pro event, is it basically a Ford Built Tough event in a smaller venue with smaller purse. Over the years, what you have seen is the highest ranked bulls like Little Yellow Jacket, Mossy Oak Mudslinger, Bushwacker, Asteroid, Shepherd Hills Tested and others along the likes of the best cowboys such as Justin McBride, JW Hart, Ross Coleman, Guilherme Marchi, Adriano Moraes, and J.B. Mauney. In addition the production features the same pyrotechnics, the same arena, the same bull fighters and same production and announcing teams you will find on the Ford Built Tough circuit. WCCC has strived to provide the highest quality event for our sponsors, our fans, our riders and for the PBR.

Due to this commitment to excellence, the JW Hart PBR Challenge was been voted Venue of the Year three times since 2004 by the PBR and has consistently been in the top five.
With the inaugural event being such a huge success in 2004, WCCC members made a decision to support the United Way of Wise County and other local charities and civic organizations. Since that time over $550,000 has been directly contributed to those organizations. See our contributions in detail.

In September 2012 we lost a good friend and partner in Roy Young.
With his unexpected passing right as we were planning our 10 year anniversary, it brought deep sadness and reflection to the WCCC group. In the following months, it was determined that WCCC would work with the Military Warriors Support Foundation out of San Antonio, specifically supporting their Homes4Heroes mission. In tribute to Roy and his generous and giving spirit, and in celebration of our 10 year anniversary event, we planned a great surprise for June 7, 2013.

The 10 year anniversary event was a sad but special occasion.
The evening started with a touching and heartfelt tribute to our great friend and partner Roy Young. The evening was highlighted with WCCC giving five mortgage free homes to five worthy and courageous veterans and their families. With over 3,500 people standing and cheering, there was not a dry eye in the house. It was the best event we have every produced and we appreciate all the support from our fans and sponsors to make that happen.

Going forward, we look forward to many more years of WC Challenger Charities hosting the best PBR Touring Event in the world.
We thank all our dedicated fans, riders, sponsors and the community for partnering with us to provide such a fun, exciting and high quality event right here in Decatur, TX.

Thank You!